nr 004 - DRAGO

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nr 004 - DRAGO

After 20 years from G8, we want to narrate\tell a different Genoa (in inglese si dice così), told through Lorenzo's eyes, his father and all their company.
A Genoa colored with people's dress, with the sounds of whistles and trumpets, with masks and many smiles, until get to that July 20th when all the feelings have radically turned into anxiety and unger.
Inside the zine there are all the analog shots accompanied by many thoughts written by Lorenzo when he decided to look, 20 years later, all the photos preserved in that album.
In the last page there is an NFC sticker in which there is an inhedit video of those days of G8, shot and edited immediately after.
Project by Lorenzo Pace
Limited edition of 50
a5 orizzontale
80 pages
Private video on our Vimeo's channel


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